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Cosmic Clash is a collaboration between FGL and Mango Studios. Lucrative Gaming, aka “FGL” was founded in 2007 and pioneered web games, helping web and Flash developers get their games published and distributed at a time when the web game market was considered the “wild west”.    Adapting to an ever-changing market, FGL later assisted developers in becoming successful on mobile - getting over 50 games into various “top 10” charts in mobile app stores.


FGL has worked with over 70,000 developers across web and mobile and has vast experience with making games successful across both platforms. FGL has successfully helped game developers make millions of dollars annually for over 14 years and we have no intention of slowing down.

Mango Studio was founded in 2013 and is home to a team of skilled Artists, Animators, Game Developers and QA Testers. Equipped with industry-standard tools, and the experience of developing hundreds of games, Mango offers every service needed in the game development cycle.


Roger BAnkus

Game Design /Development

Chris Hughes

FGL Co-Founder

Martine Spaans

Community Manager

Angélique Merkx - van Meer

Community Manager

Dave Fleming

Technical Advisor

Aaron Perez

Art Production Management

Sammy Samporna

Lead Artist

James Cenizal


Don VillaGarcia


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