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Earth and Space



Cosmic Clash is a tactical space warfare game on the WAX blockchain.


To start off you will need 5 unique starships to build your fleet.  Head over to Atomic Hub to pick up your ships, a simple fleet of 5 commons are enough to get you started.  Make sure all 5 ships have unique names!  Battle your way to the top of the leaderboard to earn more powerful ships and win big prizes.  Be the first to uncover the new frontier and trade the most powerful ships from newly discovered galaxies!

In the top right is the relative power of the weapon; the bigger the better.

Some galaxies give a special bonus to their ships!



In the bottom left is the power of the ship's shields, which will be used to block beam weapons before they reach the armor.

This represents the relative armor of the spaceship, when you run out of armor the ship is destroyed.

In the top left is your ship's main weapon type. Beam weapons tend to be more powerful but are hindered by shields, while missiles ignore shields altogether.

The color of the border indicates the rarity of the ship. Rare ships are more powerful and harder to find:

GREY - common

BLUE - rare

PURPLE - epic

ORANGE - legendary

Some of the more rare ships will have a “special ability” listed in the middle. Discover what exciting special abilities are out there!

01 Starship 101

Projectiles tend to have the most damage capability, but they will be absorbed by shields before hitting the armor of a ship

Missiles bypass the shields of a ship completely, going straight to the armor

The corrosive weapons do half damage versus shields, but double damage versus armor.


Rock, Paper, Scissors

The ships can have one of three weapon types:  Projectile, Missiles, Corrosive.  These weapon types have a "rock, paper, scissors" type matchup vs the shields and the armor of ships.


Battle and Defeat your Opponent

Arrange your fleet to take advantage of its strengths and seek out your enemies weaknesses. Some ships have high shields while others have heavy armor. Some ships feature shield-ignoring missiles, while others have massive cannons. Some super rare ships can even repair your shields and armor! Which combination will work best? Discover the perfect formation to defeat all opponents!


You will need at least 5 unique starships and some FGL tokens to deploy a fleet into battle.


Upgrade your Ships

Upgrade your ships by finding duplicates and adding them to your NFT collection. Upgrading will improve all of your ship’s stats and help them earn more resources.

COMMON - collect 10x to upgrade

RARE - collect 5x to upgrade

EPIC - every copy upgrades!

LEGENDARY - every copy upgrades!  (max level 2)

Coming soon!


Fleet Commanders

Choose your fleet commander wisely and add a bonus to your entire fleet!

Coming soon!



The core of your armada. Gather parts to upgrade it and customize any way you want!


Climb the leaderboard to advance

Climb the leaderboard to win exciting rewards and earn a whitelist pass to the next galaxy's pack drop to collect and trade.

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